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In this episode Mrs Tango talks about her latest sex dare from her friend. We talk about a new couple we met online, and then we attempt to answer a number of listener questions – yes, it’s scary that anyone listens to US for advice!


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The Unicorn Report

The Swinger Diaries

We Gotta Thing



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Tango by Asteroidsparik

Damned if you Dare by The Young Werewolves

Tell me a Story (Live) by Big Bad Sun


We’re FINALLY back! In this episode we talk about what turns us on (and off) when we’re looking at online profiles. Then Mrs Tango discusses her favorite sex toys, and adds another To Do to her 2017 Sex To Do List!


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Average Swingers


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So Cruel by Michael Tiernan

Shut Up and Dance by Linda Wood

It’s Over by Ash Ganley


We sat in front of the fire on New Year’s Eve and had a few drinks, talking about our sexual New Year’s resolutions. Mrs. Tango talks about what she has not yet experienced in our swinger adventure, and makes a “Sex To Do” list of sexual experiences she’d like to try in 2017!


We also decided we need a theme song for our podcast, so we introduce the tango we chose.


Music in this podcast:


Tango by asteroidsparik


Auld Lang Syne courtesy of


Podcast mentioned: Sapphic Swingers

Imagine a train with restored old fashioned classic cars and filled with swingers! In this episode we interview Brian and Jill, of Tangerine’s Dream, who host what we believe to be the world’s only Swinger Train Lifestyle excursions. We conducted this interview during Naughty in N’Awlins 2016, in our room, and between the mood of NiN and copious amounts of adult beverages, we all had a great time recording (and things MIGHT have gotten a little out of hand!) We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!


We apologize for the length of time between podcasts; we had a complete computer crash and it took a long time to get all of our files and podcasts tools back!


Link to Tangerine’s Dream:


Tangerine’s Dream Home Page


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Love U Like a Train by Burnshee Thornside





1800 swingers in a hotel takeover on Bourbon Street in New Orleans for a week! That’s Naughty in N’awlins 2016! This was our third visit to NiN and each time just gets better and better. In this podcast episode, we talk about our overall great time and several firsts: A woman we’re playing with pops off of the Sybian – twice! – we play with our first squirter – we play matchmaker to another couple who were experiencing their first NiN, and much more!


Other podcasts mentioned in this episode:



Average Swingers

Swinger Carousel

We Gotta Thing


The Swinger Train!



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Kick Off Your Shoes by Loco Zydeco

Waiting for the Train to Come In by Harry James

Faces of Friends by Mountain Sounds


You and your spouse/partner have done your research, read and listened to everything you could find, and now you’re going to join the swinging lifestyle. But – you’re scared! There are SO many things you worry about! What if the other swingers reject you? What if you do something wrong? What if your performance in the bedroom/playroom is sub-par? What if the other couple expects you to do things you’re not comfortable with? What if YOU aren’t attracted to the couple you met on the swinger board and who are now sitting across from you at the bar? What if….. what if…. what if……..


These (and other!) fears about the lifestyle are common, normal, and something most of us have experienced. Mr. and Mrs. Tango discuss all of these and tell you how we have faced them, and why most of these shouldn’t be a barrier to you sticking your toe (or whatever!) into the lifestyle.


Also – Mrs. Tango describes a cool new Kegel exerciser, the kGoal, and how she uses it to play video games with her kegel muscles! You can get a 15% discount if you use the discount code 2TANGO on their website:


And we are heading to Naughty in N’awlins! We’d love you to email us if you’re going to be there!


Great Royalty Free Music in this episode:


Red Distortion – Noise HiFi

Good Thing Going On – Ash Ganly

Everybody Getting Freaky – The Old Recruits

Love Dog – Big Bad Sun


Podcasts mentioned in this episode:


We Gotta Thing



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A chat with our swinger friends Nick and Nora over dinner and drinks, sharing a lot of laughs and stories!This one is a bit long but we had so much fun we couldn’t stop chatting.


Nick and Nora talk about their adventures as swingers, both hot and hilarious. They talk about how they met, and we laugh about how long it took us to finally get together. Nora talks about her pre-married life as a unicorn in the Lifestyle, and provides some tips for people trying to connect with a Unicorn they see on a swingers web site. They also discuss both good encounters and some that were not so good (but funny – at least in hindsight!) We also recall Nora’s first ride on a Sybian (ours!)


Podcasts mentioned in this episode:


Swap Fu



Santa Take the Night Off – Emma Wallace

Let’s Have Some Fun Mrs. Clause – Emma Wallace

We FINALLY have the play date with the swinger couple we met online, and it was worth the wait!  We also talk about that point in a swinger date where you transition from talk to play, and ask, why does it often feel so awkward? Mrs. Tango thinks Jay of Average Swingers showing his soft side is hot, and we need to find a theme song, but since it’s Halloween we chose music appropriate for the evening.


Great podcasters mentioned in this episode:


Average Swingers

The Hidden Swing


A Cool Couple’s Swinger Club:

Club Euphoria


Sex Games Mentioned:



The Game of Lifestyle


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Halloween Night by Monk Turner

Took Me By Surprise by Burnshee Thornside

Rock and Roll Halloween by Bobby Bare Jr.



Our trip to Naughty in N’awlins 2015 resulted in a number of new “firsts” in our swinging lifestyle adventure, including our first full swap! And our second!


We also had a wonderful time being a “first” for another couple who were new to swinging, but you certainly couldn’t tell it!


Podcasters mentioned in the Podcaster Q&A:


Swingercast (where you can find the roundtable episode)

Average Swingers

We Gotta Thing

Swinger Diaries

John of Blissbringers

Swap Fu

Los Swingers


Royalty Free Music in Episode 6

Good Thing Going On by Ash Ganley

Till Dawn by Robin Grey

Tell Me a Story by Big Bad Sun


We have been in the swinging lifestyle for a year now, and we want to talk about the misconceptions we had and what surprised us about what a Swinger is and what swinging is all about. And where are all those orgies we thought would be everywhere???


Also, we’ll answer some listeners emails, and talk about how Mrs. Tango is responsible for us probably only getting one vote in the Annual Lifestyle Awards!


Music in this episode, licensed from BMI:


You Make Love Fun – Fleetwood Mac

I Got You (I Feel Fine) – James Brown

Back to New Orleans – Joe Barry



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