So, as we mentioned in Episode #1, Mrs. Tango said she would NEVER get painted and go topless in front of 1000s at Fantasy Fest! And she mentioned how shy she was when she got there. 🙂


painting 5 blurred FF paint blur2

Mrs. Tango said she stood in a corner with her hands over her eyes the first couple of days at Fantasy Fest because she was so intimidated; I beg to differ. 🙂

kiss 63 blurred


This is the woman in black at Fantasy Fest that we mentioned who wanted to do far more than make out, yet we were too clueless to “get it.” Shy Mrs. Tango is topless and painted, wearing her blue wig:

kiss 20

This is the Sybian that we won (not showing a half dozen attachments, most of which we have not had the courage to try! 😉 )





From Episode 2: Mrs. Tango getting ready for our first date with the couple who would, unexpectedly, fulfill her G/G fantasy later that night!




From Episode 6: Great cajun food in New Orleans during NiN. Hot! The food was spice too!


Hot Sauce


The karoeke singers we mentioned in Episode 6:

Cats Meow blur



Mrs. Tango, recording our last podcast






  1. Noël/Lindsey says:

    very nice!! from s texas, not much here as far as clubs, mostly have to travel. ty for cast, we feel like we are not so dif. friends, good times. ( all kinda) and enjoyment!! binge listening!

    1. Thank you! We’ve been to the Houston area often – love it down there!

  2. Low says:

    Enjoy your show & style. Also, nice dynamic between you both; it appears that Mrs T really adores Mr. T.

    Don’t lose,that thing you guys got.

    Remember the Tortoise & the Rabbit ?
    Like you’ve said, slow & steady will win the race of life.


    1. Thanks! Mr. Tango adores Mrs. Tango also 🙂 Yeah, we can’t catch the Rabbit these days but we’re having fun at the slow sensual speeds! 😉

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