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  1. john says:

    do you met with any indian or pakistani couple at desire resort or cruise?

    1. Interesting question: I don’t recall any Indian or Pakistani couples at an event, but we have seen a couple where one of the two of them was Indian or Pakistani. You commented in your similar email to us that it was “taboo” in those societies, but honestly in today’s America it is pretty taboo also!

  2. JonGunnar Gylfason says:

    You guys coming to Naughty in Nawlins this year? We would like to include you in our podcasters and bloggers panel.

    1. We absolutely are coming to Naughty in N’awlins! Email us for further details. We sat in the podcaster roundtable at NiN last year, and we only had a couple of people outside of all 9 or so podcaster couples show up, so John of John and Allie pulled out his recorder and we had a fun Podcaster Roundtable discussion.

  3. Hi Tom and Colleen! Thanks so much for listening! You have us beat (but not by too much) in terms of years married! Sometimes we think, we should have started in the Lifestyle back when we were a lot younger, we missed so many years of fun, but I’m not sure we were as secure in our relationship back then as we are now. And yeah, turned down by a single guy???? Well, just another day in the LS! 🙂 We hope you keep listening, and keep us in the loop on your adventures!

    Mr. and Mrs. Tango

  4. Tom & Colleen says:

    Hello. We’ve just found your podcast and we’re enjoying them. Seems like we have a lot in common in our journey. Just about every story you tell we can match with our own similar experience. We’ve been married for 37 years (October) and have been in the lifestyle only a year. The experiences of yours cause us to remember very similar situations. We’re trying to step out of our box and try new things after moving very slow. We always talk ahead of time and after. No surprises between us. Our latest adventure was “hitting” on our first single guy for some MFM action. This was preceded by a lot of soul searching and conversation between us. We waited until we were both ready and found the right guy. We were at our first hotel take over and had a good conversation with they guy. We both agreed he was the one. We caught up with him later…. He turned us down! Turned down by a single guy? But that was ok. We were proud of ourselves for trying. Two days later the guy emailed us and explained why he didn’t take us up on the offer and explained why he declined our offer. Not sure if will pursue him. We enjoy playing with each other and a little exhibitionism along the way. We can still draw a crowd (actually, its all her). Anyway, we’re looking forward to sharing your future adventures with you.

    Tom & Colleen – Florida
    SLS “Goingcoastal2”

  5. Jack says:

    To Mrs Tango – love the pics posted here

    I’m only at podcast 2, I love it (I get a tad horny hearing you and your husband replay your antics too)

    My wife has bi tendencies – I’m hoping she can take the big step soon

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback! You’re just at the beginning of our adventures! And if she has the Bi tendencies, let her know you think that’s cool but also let her know you are good with exploring it as slowly as she wants. Here it was just kissing to start with and then working up from there.

  6. Elaine says:

    Tell Mrs tango, that she can drink Tito’s with water and true lemon, or true lime or true orange in New Orleans. . There is a whole group of us girls that does it and we never have hangovers or get dehydrated and we live in the south so we know what humidity is. Hope this works for her. Have a great trip.

    1. This is Mrs. Tango – thanks for the tip! Anything that lets me drink more Titos is good! If you’re in New Orleans look me up and we’ll have a Sybian party! 🙂

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