Month: July 2015

We have been in the swinging lifestyle for a year now, and we want to talk about the misconceptions we had and what surprised us about what a Swinger is and what swinging is all about. And where are all those orgies we thought would be everywhere???


Also, we’ll answer some listeners emails, and talk about how Mrs. Tango is responsible for us probably only getting one vote in the Annual Lifestyle Awards!


Music in this episode, licensed from BMI:


You Make Love Fun – Fleetwood Mac

I Got You (I Feel Fine) – James Brown

Back to New Orleans – Joe Barry



Our experience swinging with 750 swinger couples at 2014’s Naughty in N’awlins lifestyle event! This one is a little long, we had a lot to talk about! Including why we had to re-record it, our Chicago friend who dumped a mob princess, the curious site of a line of men in red dresses in front of the urinals in the hotel bathroom, our first six-some, and how, yeah, it CAN be a little overwhelming at first to be at a convention with so many swinger couples.


Mentioned in this podcast:


Sexy dancing by Jay of Average Swingers

Allie of Swingercast making me realize there is nothing in a red dress to hide a man’s “happiness” when being sandwiched between two sexy women on the dance floor!

Naughty in N’Awlins


Music, all licensed from BMI

Drop Me Off in New Orleans – Kermit Ruffin

The Godfather Theme

Down in New Orleans – Jimmy Nalls

Sweet Home New Orleans – Dr. John

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