Month: January 2016

A chat with our swinger friends Nick and Nora over dinner and drinks, sharing a lot of laughs and stories!This one is a bit long but we had so much fun we couldn’t stop chatting.


Nick and Nora talk about their adventures as swingers, both hot and hilarious. They talk about how they met, and we laugh about how long it took us to finally get together. Nora talks about her pre-married life as a unicorn in the Lifestyle, and provides some tips for people trying to connect with a Unicorn they see on a swingers web site. They also discuss both good encounters and some that were not so good (but funny – at least in hindsight!) We also recall Nora’s first ride on a Sybian (ours!)


Podcasts mentioned in this episode:


Swap Fu



Santa Take the Night Off – Emma Wallace

Let’s Have Some Fun Mrs. Clause – Emma Wallace

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