Month: June 2016

You and your spouse/partner have done your research, read and listened to everything you could find, and now you’re going to join the swinging lifestyle. But – you’re scared! There are SO many things you worry about! What if the other swingers reject you? What if you do something wrong? What if your performance in the bedroom/playroom is sub-par? What if the other couple expects you to do things you’re not comfortable with? What if YOU aren’t attracted to the couple you met on the swinger board and who are now sitting across from you at the bar? What if….. what if…. what if……..


These (and other!) fears about the lifestyle are common, normal, and something most of us have experienced. Mr. and Mrs. Tango discuss all of these and tell you how we have faced them, and why most of these shouldn’t be a barrier to you sticking your toe (or whatever!) into the lifestyle.


Also – Mrs. Tango describes a cool new Kegel exerciser, the kGoal, and how she uses it to play video games with her kegel muscles! You can get a 15% discount if you use the discount code 2TANGO on their website:


And we are heading to Naughty in N’awlins! We’d love you to email us if you’re going to be there!


Great Royalty Free Music in this episode:


Red Distortion – Noise HiFi

Good Thing Going On – Ash Ganly

Everybody Getting Freaky – The Old Recruits

Love Dog – Big Bad Sun


Podcasts mentioned in this episode:


We Gotta Thing



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