Month: May 2018

You and your partner show up to a big Lifestyle event, or a Lifestyle resort, or maybe a house party or a club. You don’t know anyone, but people in the Lifestyle are open and welcoming, right? But everyone seems to be standing or sitting with others, laughing and having a great time. You feel like you’re on the outside looking in. And you decide that the Lifestyle is filled with cliques.

But we’re like to convince you that the Lifestyle IS the most open and welcoming bunch of people you’ll ever meet. In this episode we discuss what can look like cliques in swinger events, how simple it is to feel welcome and included, and what experienced swingers can do to make sure newbies don’t feel on the outside looking in.

We’ll also talk about our trip to the Average Swingers Pub Crawl for Charity, our misadventures with a large suction cup dildo, and an appendage that looked like a large forearm (it wasn’t!) And we included a short congrats Snapshot to Mr. and Mrs. Jones of We Gotta Thing podcast for their 50th published episode.

Podcasts mentioned in this episode:

Average Swingers

We Gotta Thing

Royalty Free Music in this episode

Tango by Asteroidsparik

Lonely World by Ash Ganley

Don’t You Ever Leave by Mark Cook

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