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Episode 1: A Couple Stumbles Into the Lifestyle!

Welcome to our adventures as we explore the swinging lifestyle! In our first podcast, we’ll talk about how our efforts to keep our sex life fun and fresh resulted in accidentally stumbling into the lifestyle. We’ll talk about who we are, how Mrs. Tango’s dares contest with a friend resulted in her playing with her Bi side and her kissing contests, and our fun time at Fantasy Fest. We’ll discuss how we had NO idea we were with a Krewe who were swingers, and the recurring theme of “I could never do THAT!” anxieties melting away when surrounded by people who are doing “THAT” and cool about it. Mrs. Tango shares why letting someone stick a needle through her nipples was a GOOD thing (and we’re not into BDSM – at least not now! 😉 ) and how that resulted in a couple chasing us down in a bar parking lot and pulling back the curtain on the whole world of swingers. Which led to us setting up a profile on a swinger web site, couples who were WAY too much into their horses on their profile, and the connection that introduced us into this new world!


Mentioned in the podcast:



We Gotta Thing

The Hidden Swing

Average Swingers



I’ve Got a Secret – Robin Stine

You Can’t Dance – Burnshee Thornside

I’m Dumb – Emma Wallace

Rights to above music obtained from


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