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Episode 15: Naughty in N’Awlins 2017 PT1

We had a GREAT time at this year’s Naughty in N’Awlins! Such a great time it will take two podcasts to tell you all about it! In this episode we’ll talk about Monday through Thursday, including a nice surprise in the group room on Wednesday night and a great Thursday night with a wonderful couple we are happy to call good friends. On that Thursday night, Mrs.Tango once again introduced a woman to her first Sybian experience (spoiler alert: she really, REALLY liked it!)


Podcasts mentioned in this episode:

Average Swingers

The Swinger Diaries

We Gotta Thing


The Unicorn Report


Royalty Free Music in this episode:
Tango by Asteroidsparik

Make it go away by Burnshee Thornside

Never Say Goodbye by Robin Stine

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