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Episode 18: Expectations in the Lifestyle

Whether you are going to a lifestyle resort, a lifestyle event, a house party, or just meeting a couple for the first time that you’ve been chatting with online, you can’t help but have expectations. And if you’re not careful, those expectations can ruin what could have been a good time (even if they weren’t met!) In this episode we discuss managing expectations in the lifestyle. We also recap a visit to our house by some out of town lifestyle friends, and the GREAT time we had! And lastly, we chat about some sexy things we’d like to try in 2018.

Podcasts mentioned in this episode:

We Gotta Thing

Average Swingers

Swinger Diaries


Royalty Free Music in this podcast:

Tango by Asteroidsparik

Exceed my Expectations by Emma Wallace

Don’t You Ever Leave by Mark Cook

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