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Episode 21: Bisexuality Bias in the Swinging Lifestyle

The Swinging Lifestyle is supposed to be all about acceptance, the one place where you can feel safe being honest about who you are. Yet we contend there is significant bias in the swinging Lifestyle when it comes to Bisexuality. Many women tell us that if they don’t put Bi or Bi-Curious in their profiles, they significantly less interest. Worse, many women tell us that, even if they say they are straight, they still feel pressure to play with other women, as if there is something wrong with them if they don’t enjoy F/F play.

But it’s much worse on the side of men. While Mr. Tango is not Bi, many couples have told us that, if the man says in his profile that he is Bi or Bi curious, even though he may say that is completely optional, the number of couples willing to play with them plummets. We also give all manner of signals that, while women playing with women is expected and welcome and hot, no one in the LS wants to SEE a Bi man interacting with another man. Many clubs ban that activity in public rooms, and it’s just understood in the LS that such play is not acceptable where others can see it (unless in a specially designated and segregated Bi Male Couples playroom.)

We love that our Swinging Lifestyle is so open to everyone and every kink. But we feel like we need to talk about this bias, and yes, bigotry, in the Lifestyle that prides itself on being so open and accepting.

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Average Swingers

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July 1, 2018 5:21 am

Hey folks! I’ve been out of the podcast listening world for quite a while. Just heard your 6/16/18 podcast and respect your honesty about your perceived issues with male bi-sexuality. I have some ideas that may clear up (or not) some of the difficulty that you are having with this topic. * like it or not you have to separate your rational ideas from the reality of humanity * the sociology & pyschology of man is not a nice and neat endeavor to unwind; it comes with twists & turns,, irrationalities, that require a much closer look into each area… Read more »

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