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Episode 25: Listener Questions about the Swinging Lifestyle

Tonight we answer some of the questions we get from our listeners about the Swinging Lifestyle. “Why do we have a hard time connecting with other couples at huge events?” “I’m a woman and a female friend of mine said she’d like to try G/G play for the first time with me, but without her husband’s knowledge?” “If we only play once in a while, are we still considered to be part of the Lifestyle?” We’ll try to answer these and more. Also: A fun new podcast, and a HUGE new toy!

Podcasts and friends mentioned in this episode:

The Euphoria Chronicles

Average Swingers

The Swinger Diaries

We Gotta Thing

Torrid Souls


Royalty Free Music in this episode:

Tango by Asteroidsparik

Little Question by The Old Recruits

Don’t You Ever Leave by Mark Cook

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